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5 Events to Add to Your Conference Calendar

Today's business landscape is global, progressive and big on entrepreneurial spirit. It's your job — and your joy — to keep up with emerging trends by attending cutting-edge conferences across the nation. Read on for five events that will help you and your business.

America's Small Business Summit

It doesn't get much bigger for small and medium-sized businesspeople than America's Small Business Summit. The Summit hits Washington, D.C. in June 2016. Hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, ASBS balances big keynotes with intimate, hands-on group breakout sessions, and — given its Washington slant — a healthy dose of business policy-making issues that affect the entire country.


We all need a little help with marketing, and that's what Pubcon is there for. The event focuses on digital marketing, social media, SEO and future tech. Like digital marketing itself, Pubcon gives you plenty of options — 2016 events occur throughout the year in Ft. Lauderdale, Austin and Las Vegas. Keynote speakers run the show, and you'll hear from industry leaders in the tech industry.

Secret Knock

Attend California's tri-annual Secret Knock to gain more than just street cred — it'll tune you into future business trends before they even happen. Secret Knock emphasizes innovation and collaboration. It sets itself apart with TED-style presentations straight from the mouths of entrepreneurial veterans, from inventors to bestselling authors to CEOs. Events take place in March, July and October throughout California.


Austin's South by Southwest, or SXSW, is synonymous with indie film premieres and hip concerts, so you might want to take some in while you're there. But its SXSW Interactive arm that is a hotbed for tech-based enterprise innovations, from the latest apps to crowdfunding sensations. Previous conferences explored dating apps, pop-up diners, the future of finance and dozens more creative, business-oriented microcosms.

CEO Space

CEO Space positions itself as a leader in cooperative capitalism, and its ongoing Las Vegas conferences reflect that. This all-inclusive program appeals to everyone from tech-smart teens to savvy vets, and it offers educational sessions on topics like branding, taxes, legal issues and planning. While CEO Space covers crowdfunding, it's also known for accommodating billions of dollars' worth of old-fashioned funding deals on-site.


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