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A few key elements to picking out the perfect pen are the type, the color, and the plan for use. Will you be signing professional documents? Or perhaps you’ll be attending a presentation and prefer to color-code your notes. Whatever the case may be, keep these few factors in mind when shopping and you’ll already be off to a great start for choosing your signature pen.

How do you prefer to write? Rule of thumb: The faster you tend to write, the broader your pen’s point type should be. For those writers quick with the pen stroke, water-based ink tends to thin when you write. This type of ink may help to offer some clarity to your script. For those writers with a slower hand, permanent ink adds a nice full look to your writing.

The final elements of choosing your signature pen involve a little research on your side. Try out a few different grips and point sizes to see what works best for your writing hand. When you’ve made the choice, you’ll know the brand that works well for you.

When it’s all said and done, the easiest part is picking the size of the pen pack. You’ll either want to buy 1 pen and continue to shop around or take the plunge and buy a larger amount.

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