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The Collaborative Classroom

Innovative products to help you teach, collaborate and inspire your students

As education tries to keep pace with advances in technology, classrooms must adapt to ensure success. We work with students, teachers and educational leaders to provide the products, services and solutions you need to deliver on your tech initiatives and seamlessly fulfill your vision for the future.

Instructional tools like tablets makes learning more mobile, flexible & connected in the classroom.Tech devices like tablets help meet the needs of diverse learners anytime, anywhere.

Instructional Tools

Our cutting-edget tech tools help you powerfully present and explain ideas by enabaling cooperative structures for students to communicate, collaborate and think critically.

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Combine power, screen size & more to teach more effectively. Our selection allows for learning anytime and anywhere, enhancing their ability.

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Easily movable desks, seating and other furniture allow for flexible & effective learning spaces.Top brand servers and IT essentials that provide the infrastructure needed to be successful.


Our selection provides breadth of usage within multiple environments and can be quickly and easily rearranged to create a floor plan that better facilitates a more effective learning environment.

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Get the design, efficiency, power and value you need with top-brand servers and other IT essentials.

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