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The Office Depot GreenerOffice™ Delivery Service

Reducing the environmental impact of our deliveries while responding to our customers' interest in saving resources and reducing waste

Over the years, we've used millions of cardboard boxes and plastic air pillows for delivering our products. Now with the Office Depot GreenerOffice Delivery Service, a large number of our orders are shipped in paper bags instead of cardboard boxes. A significantly greater amount of wood is used in the production of corrugated boxes than what is used in the production of paper bags. For orders delivered in bags, we will reduce the number of boxes used for deliveries and also eliminate the use of air pillows. Your order will arrive in a recycled paper bag with a convenient handle. Additionally, the bags are mucheasier to open and you can conveniently reuse or recycle the bags if you wish. This new programis just another step in decreasing the overall use of packing material needed for Office Depot deliveries.

The bags contain 40% post consumer recycled content and the reusable plastic tote that protects the bags during transportation contains 60% post consumer recycled plastic.

We hope you enjoy our new GreenerOffice™ Delivery Service and look forward to providing our customers with a green delivery alternative.

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