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Cloud Storage & File Management for Business

Iron Mountain and Office Depot Shredding service

My Files is a convenient online file management tool that lets you store, manage and reorder your print documents quickly and easily! Just access My Files from your account on, upload your documents, customize your project and order online for delivery.

Back up, Store & Share Documents with My Files. Enjoy these benefits:

Access Files & Printing Services Anywhere

Store all of your files in one convenient location. create folders. manage and assign administrative controls. Then have them delivered directly to you or wherever you need them.

Easily Reorder Previous Print Jobs

All of your orders will be automatically saved in our online cloud storage. Reorder your custom print jobs in seconds from anywhere, without having to start from scratch and re-upload files. Simply access your folder in My Files, make changes to your print customization if needed and reorder online.

User & File Management Across Your Organization

Take control of users and files with My Files – a powerful part of File Management is having control over your content and who can access it. With My Files you control that access across your organization. *For assistance with more than 10 files contact our Customer Online Support Team at  

Secure Online File Storage Secure cloud storage

Secure cloud storage is built in to support your important files while being transferred, stored, and processed. We’re constantly assessing risks and improving the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems. All of your confidential information will be protected so there is no need to worry about losing data since it is safely and securely stored in My Files.

What do I need to get started using My Files?

Activate your account by contacting your account manager or emailing at: Then log into your account and go to "My Accounts." There you will find "My Files" and begin uploading and managing your files. Start easiliy custom printing your business documents such as presentations, research papers, manuals, forms, posters, banners, postcards and more.

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