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Education Solutions for Parents

As a parent, you have the power to make sure school remains a key priority in your child’s life. Office Depot can help, with unique solutions to keep families fully engaged in the education process throughout the school year. 

A mother reads with her daughter, facilitating her thirst for knowledge and academic achievement.A father walks outside with his children, promoting physical health for a happier lifestyle.

Academic Achievement

Encourage and facilitate children’s thirst for knowledge, creating endless possibilities for success.

Physical Health

Focus on exercise, nutrition and other tools to help children live a healthier, happier (and longer) life.

A mother fosters a sense of social well-being with her children.Extracurricular activities like ballet can strengthen students’ self-esteem & emotional well-being.

Social Well-being

Create an atmosphere of trust that will build students’ confidence to socialize and make friends.

Emotional Well-being

Offer plenty of support and positive reinforcement to strengthen self-image and self-esteem.

The YOU series consists of 3 books designed for parents

Training Workshops – Trainers receive guidance to:

  • Conduct engaging parent workshops for parents of all backgrounds
  • Evaluate their current parent engagement
  • Integrate effective parent engagement into their organizational culture


Parent Workshops – Parents receive guidance to:

  • Understand college and career readiness and state specific standards
  • Set goals for effective engagement
  • Share experiences and strategies

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